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  • Yardi CRM Training

    Webinars listed on Client Central can be filtered by specific property management topics. Examples include online leasing, payment processing, maintenance workflows for mobile devices, procurement of goods, accounting and finance analytics. Breeze and Breeze Premier users are welcome to join our annual REfresh conference, usually held over two days each April . For this free […]

  • What Does a Bookkeeper Do? A Simple Explanation Bench Accounting

    Content Advantages of an accountant bookkeeping Business English Overview: What is bookkeeping? Words that may be confused with bookkeeping And if you’ve still got your hands full serving your customers or focusing on other aspects of your business growth, it’s still time you don’t have. A bookkeeper uses this detailed financial data to generate reports […]

  • Fact Sheet 13: Employment Relationship Under the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA U S. Department of Labor

    Content State Tests for Independent Contractor Status How to use a noncompete agreement when you work with independent contractors Misclassification of Employees Who Pays Their Taxes The Resources Required Neither of the core factors can be “determinative by itself” because there is a second core factor against which each is balanced. Even when both core […]

  • Accountant vs Bookkeeper: What’s the Difference?

    Content Learn How We Can Help You Succeed What are Bookkeeping Duties? – The Jobs, Skills, Salary & Career Paths of Bookkeepers Requirements and skills Hiring Bookkeeper job description What is a Bookkeeper?: Jobs, Skills, Salary & Career Path Your bookkeeper may help you generate the invoice, collect a payment, enter the transaction into the general ledger, […]

  • Better payroll automation is next frontier for HR software

    Content Get Free Enterprise Playbook for Global Payroll COPYRIGHT © DATACONOMY MEDIA GMBH, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Papaya Global Advantage Contact Us for Global Payroll What size organizations use payroll automation systems? Priorities for a payroll management solution How to Choose the Right Automated Payroll System Finally, when your payroll software is up and running, […]

  • QuickBooks Self-Employed Reviews and Pricing 2023

    The cloud-based software has a streamlined interface that’s easy to navigate. It uses simple language and doesn’t have unnecessary features, so it takes very little time to get acquainted with it. The QuickBooks Self-Employed Tax Bundle includes a subscription to TurboTax. You can transfer all of your Schedule C information automatically to TurboTax to complete […]

  • Small and Midsize Business Management Software

    Content The best accounting software solution for your small to medium-sized business Sales Tax Summary Top 50 Accounting & Finance Product Excellent Reporting, Weaker on Dashboards Mobile Accounting Apps Whether you run a sole proprietorship, partnership, S corporation, or C corporation, these are the five main types of taxes your business may be responsible for. […]

  • This Year’s Individual Income Tax Forms Georgia Department of Revenue

    Content Individual Income Tax Forms – 2022 This Year’s Individual Income Tax Forms Department of Taxation and Finance Other Forms Individuals May Need Filing an Income Tax Return Request A Copy of Previously Filed Tax Returns About Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Resubmit a North Dakota individual income tax return, marking it as […]

  • How to Calculate Ending Inventory 3PL Inventory Management

    Content How 3PLs help improve ending inventory management What Is the Meaning of Ending Inventory? Ways of calculating ending inventory: Weighted average cost method (WAC) LIFO Method (Last in/first out) Be aware of how much you’re selling as well as how much you’re not. Until it gets sold, eCommerce inventory is merely another expense. Calculating […]

  • Basic Financial Statements

    Content statement of retained earnings, balance sheet, income A Critical Skill for Business Leaders Basic Financial Statements How often should you prepare a balance sheet quizlet? IAS 1 — Presentation of Financial Statements The trial balance is the balance of all the accounts at the end of the accounting period. For example, if the business’s […]